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Bulova Collection

Our watches are available to purchase via our retail partner's website Watch Specialist. Clicking on the watches below will take you through to their page for more info on each watch. 

Bulova is a pioneering watch brand with a fascinating history. After the American Civil War, Joseph Bulova played his part in making the USA a hive of industrial and creative energy. 1875 saw the opening of his small watch boutique in New York. From these small roots, the Bulova watchmaking empire grew and become a world recognised brand. In 1960, the invention of tuning fork technology put Bulova on the map. The Accutron watch was launched with a special movement which harnessed the vibration of a battery powered tuning fork oscillator. The timepiece was regulated by the vibrations, therefore making it incredibly efficient. At the time, the Accutron was one of the most accurate watches in the world, losing no more than one minute every four weeks. As testament to their extreme reliability, Bulova watches have been taken to the moon on the wrist of US astronaut Colonel Dave Scott during the 1971 Apollo 15 mission. Additionally, they were also used by NASA in the spacecraft for 46 Apollo missions as cockpit instruments. Today, the Precisionist (with its perpetual motion second hand) and Curv models still push the boundaries of modern watchmaking. Quite literally bending the rules, the Curv is the world’s first chronograph with curved movement.


Bulova Curv Chronograph




Bulova Mil-Ships-W-2181 Special Edition 98A266



Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph Archive Series 96K111



Bulova Jet Star Limited Edition 96K112



Bulova Marine Star Heartbeat

Grey Strap 98A268



Bulova Marine Star Heartbeat

Blue Dial 98A282



Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B350



Bulova Sutton Rectangular

Bracelet 98P220



Bulova Sutton Black

Strap 97P166



Bulova Classic Stainless

Steel 96S160



Bulova Sutton Two Tone
Women’s 98L277



Bulova Sutton Stainless Steel Women’s 96L285


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